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Welcome to FBL Orlando!
FBL Community,

We are looking forward to the start of the 2014 FBL season. As the new year has begun, we are always looking to adapt and evolve. This season, we have included our Filipino Basketball Development League (FBDL) as a part of our season. We are excited to open up our doors to friends and family of the community and have them be a part of FBL. This is a great opportunity to gain ...new exposure and to expand on FBL's reach in the greater Orlando area.

FBL remains to be one of the premier basketball leagues in Orlando, and will be highlighted by our Open Division. Thank you to all the players for continuing to strive for excellence in competition.

The Youth game is what keeps FBL alive. This will be the second year we have been able to have kids play and we are excited to see their growth in just one year time. It won't be long before this new generation of youth will take over.

Thank you to the staff for being the heartbeat of this organization. While we are all working professionals, we all appreciate the time, energy, and efforts spent in your personal time. The sacrifices you make to keep the community going are greatly recognized anda appreciated.

Let's all have a great 2014 season and we look forward to seeing everyone again!!!

-Romeo and Zhaleen
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