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Welcome to FBL Orlando!
FBL Community,

We are excited to have our 17th season of FBL here in Central Florida!!   We are continuing to grow each and every year and are back to 10 teams each in FBL and in FBDL.  This is greatly due to how fantastic the community has been in recruiting the right types of players.  
FBL remains to be one of the preeminent basketball and sports communities in all of Orlando.   Our outreach continues to expand as we have started to do Filipino Heritage Night events with the Orlando Magic and the UCF Men's basketball team.  
FBDL has gained momentum and we have over 40+ new players this upcoming season.  This is all friends and family from current players and we are excited to welcome them into the Filipino Community.
The bridge between FSA and FBL continues to narrow as they are a part of our FBDL division as well as the majority of our staff!  WE look forward to supporting their events in the close future.  

Thank you to the staff for being the heartbeat of this organization. While we are all working professionals, we all appreciate the time, energy, and efforts spent in your personal time. The sacrifices you make to keep the community going are greatly recognized and appreciated.

Let's all have a great 2016 season and we look forward to seeing everyone again!!!

-Romeo and Zhaleen
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