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Week 5 Predictions 2/7/15
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Subject: Week 5 Predictions 2/7/15
Posted by: FBDL Insider of fbl-orlando.com
Week 5 FBDL Predictions

Sorry for the late post peoples! Unlike some teams this season so far, my predictions have been pretty consistent. Another 3-1 week that could have been 4-0, if the Jonas Brothers could have held their lead. With week 4 is in the books, and that puts me at 9-3 for the season. Don’t forget guys, games are again starting later this week at 7pm & 8pm!!

7pm Court 1: #4 Jonas Brothers vs #3 OTown
Jonas Brothers coming into this game after a tough loss against Backstreet Boys and OTown is coming off a strong victory against 98 Degrees. As I’ve said all season, OTown will need to show consistency if they want to compete, and they’ve gotten better the last couple of games. On the other end, Jonas Brothers haven’t played at full potential with Outerbridge missing a couple of games. If he shows this week, my money is on Jonas Brothers. If not, ball goes to OTown…

Prediction: OTown by 5

7pm Court 2: #7 NKOTB vs #8 One Direction (Game of the Weak lol)
Battle of the winless in this one, but luckily for both teams, everyone makes the playoffs. I predict plenty of bloopers and Shaqtin’ a Fool moments in a sloppy game. If you want to see how not to play team basketball, this will be a prime example. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife…

Prediction: One Direction (literally just flipped a coin) by 6

8pm Court 1: #5 Hanson vs #6 98 Degrees
Joe Roy vs Eric Nelson…James Harden Jr. vs Kobe-lover. Hanson is on a 2 game win streak, while 98 Degrees is going in the other direction with a 2 game losing streak. Can 98 Degrees stop Joe Roy, who is averaging 35.5pts in his last 2 games?? Here’s a clue: don’t let him in the gym!! I’m dubbing him Mr. #GetBuckets…

Prediction: Hanson by 11

8pm Court 2: #1 Backstreet Boys vs #2 NSYNC (Game of the Week)
Could this be a preview of the finals? The top 2 boy bands in the late 90’s and early 2000’s battle once again, this time on the basketball court. More than likely the winner of this game will lock down the #1 seed going into the playoffs. Plenty of storylines in this one as MVP candidates, BB’s Matt Cleveland goes up against NSYNC’s Quang Pham and FBL vets Romeo Salvani vs Mitch Urian…Fans get your popcorn ready because this is going to be a good one, so Chip make sure you invite your fan base!!!

Prediction: NSYNC by 9

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