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Week 5 FBDL Power Rankings
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Subject: Week 5 FBDL Power Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of fbl-orlando.com
FBDL Power Rankings: Week 5

New #1 team, a victor comes out of the Battle of the Winless and playoffs are soon approaching. 2 weeks left for teams to position themselves in the standings...

1. NSYNC (5-0): Last Week: #2
We have a new team at the top of the mountain! NSYNC took down a really good team in Backstreet Boys to take over the top spot, but it wasn’t easy. Led by FBL Commish and his 17rebs, NSYNC came back after relinquishing an early lead. As they have done all year long, every player that played scored. This team has consistently served that Dirty Pop all season. Next Up…James Harden Jr. and Company.

Last Game: def. Backstreet Boys (53-47) Next Game: vs. Hanson (2-3)

2. Backstreet Boys (4-1): Last Week: #1
Tough loss for them, as they had the lead and momentum for most of the 2nd half. Not sure if they got comfortable with the lead or they were tired, but Backstreet Boys seemed to lose focus as the game got down to the wire. They shouldn’t be too worried about this loss, especially with their remaining schedule. These guys are Larger Than Life…

Last Game: lost to NSYNC (47-53) Next Game: vs. 98 Degrees (3-2)

3. OTown (3-2): Last Week: #3
Impressive victory against a good team, though Jonas Brothers were missing Collin Outerbridge again. It seems like they are hitting their stride going into the playoffs, after losing a very close game against Backstreet Boys a couple of weeks ago. A well-balanced attack this last game with 4 players in double figures and they were without Mr. Hustle: Charles Berlus. They should be Craving some more wins as they have an easy schedule before the playoffs.

Last Game: def. Jonas Brothers (65-41) Next Game: vs. NKOTB (1-4)

4. Jonas Brothers (2-3): Last Week: #4
After the last 2 games, both losses, it was truly hard for me to keep them at the #4 spot but here’s why: They have beaten both 98 Degrees and Hanson and they have an easy schedule the rest of the way. Outerbridge has decided to go solo like Nick Jonas, and his team has struggled. Injuries have left Baroody to take over the workload with a rather weak supporting cast. As I’ve said all season, they need their Big 3 to be on the court, especially come playoff time. Since it’s about to be Valentine’s Day, I hope this group sings Please Be Mine.

Last Game: lost to OTown (41-65) Next Game: vs. One Direction (0-5)

5. 98 Degrees (3-2): Last Week: #6
We might have to put an asterisk on their last victory against Hanson. Who was the guy in the headband who dropped 26pts!? I haven’t seen him all season. I will give credit to 98 Degrees for turning down the turnovers though with only 6. Another reason for the win was that they shut down my favorite player, Joe Roy, who only had 14pts. The Hardest Thing for you guys will be your upcoming games…Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

Last Game: def. Hanson (80-69) Next Game: Backstreet Boys (4-1)

6. Hanson (2-3): Last Week: #5
Hanson came back down to Earth this week, especially my man-crush Joe Roy. Roy, who averaged 35.5pts in his last 2 games, only managed to put up 14pts against a Swiss cheese defense. He also went back to his normal ways of not doing anything else on the court. With such talent on the team with Roy and Luis Duque, you guys only managed 4asts? I mean I know none of those will come from Roy, but what about everyone else? Come one guys…Give a Little!

Last Game: lost to 98 Degrees (69-80) Next Game: NSYNC (5-0)

7. NKOTB (1-4): Last Week: #7
Well welcome to the team EJ Lambo! You guys looked like a New Kids On The Block, although you only beat One Direction by 9pts and only put 49 on them. If EJ shows up the rest of the way, NKOTB may make a small run into the playoffs, but that is a big IF though. Congrats on the win and you guys are no winless…Step By Step.

Last Game: def. One Direction (49-40) Next Game: OTown (3-2)

8. One Direction (0-5): Last Week: #8
I feel like guys on this team have given up and playing with Half a Heart because it’s the 2nd week in a row where One Direction had an entirely new squad. Much respect to Quay Hu for sticking it out each week and showing a lot of effort. Though you guys haven’t won a game yet, there’s still a chance for you guys to be higher in the rankings as we get closer to playoff time.

Last Game: lost to NSYNC (40-49) Next Game: Jonas Brothers (2-3)

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