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Week 6 Predictions 2/14/15
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Subject: Week 6 Predictions 2/14/15
Posted by: FBDL Insider of fbl-orlando.com
Week 6 FBDL Predictions
2-2 last week with One Direction letting me down again smh, which puts me at 11-5 so far. Not confident with my “Game of the Week” pick as all the games feature so-so matchups. In honor of All-Star weekend and Valentine’s Day, I am also listing my mid-season 5 All-Stars aka Man-Crushes…

5pm Court 1: #2 Backstreet Boys vs #5 98 Degrees (Game of the Week)
98 Degrees may be in trouble with this one, since Backstreet Boys will probably look to get back on track after losing their 1st game of the season. This game is going to be a battle in the trenches as Matt Cleveland goes up against Eric Nelson; both are averaging a very respectable double-double. What might determine this game is outside shooting as both teams like to jack up a lot of 3’s.

Prediction: Backstreet Boys by 3

5pm Court 2: #1 NSYNC vs #6 Hanson (Game of the Weak lol)
NSYNC with a big win last week to stay undefeated and move up to the top spot. This week they go up against Joe Roy aka James Harden Jr., who had a mediocre game last week against 98 Degrees. If Roy struggled against a leaky defense like 98 Degrees, then I don’t see him doing much against a defensive-minded team like NSYNC. If he struggles, they’re going to need Duque and company to step up. Unfortunately, I don’t see NSYNC letting up in this one…

Prediction: NSYNC by 11

6pm Court 1: #4 Jonas Brothers vs #8 One Direction
Both teams are struggling right now, one more so than the other. Jonas Brothers are dealing with injuries to some key players, while One Direction is dealing with no key players lol. Jonas Brothers should take advantage of this matchup to get back .500 and gain momentum going into the playoffs. This one might be closer than we expect because of the uncertainty of available players for both teams.

Prediction: Jonas Brothers by 7

6pm Court 2: #3 OTown vs #7 NKOTB
OTown is playing like a confident team and they should be. They have steadily climbed up the rankings by building chemistry and using their youth to their advantage. If this continues, they are going to be a dangerous team come playoff time. NKOTB should also have a little more confidence as they notched their 1st victory with EJ Lambo making his 1st appearance of the season. OTown is playing too good right and I don’t see NKOTB getting in their way.

Prediction: OTown by 16

Mid-Season Man-Crushes, oops, I mean All-Stars (In no particular order):
1. Joe Roy
2. Matt Cleveland
3. Quang Pham
4. Eric Nelson
5. Sam Pierre

Honorable Mentions aka Reserves:
6. Brandon Baroody
7. Quay Hu
8. Paul Sumulong
9. John Hwangbo
10. Romeo Salvani

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