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Week 6 FBDL Power Rankings
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Subject: Week 6 FBDL Power Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of fbl-orlando.com
FBDL Power Rankings: Week 6

Talk about a wild week with some major upsets! Final week of the regular season will be fun to watch as teams try to position themselves for the playoffs.

1. NSYNC (6-0): Last Week: #1
1st game as the #1 team, and NSYNC almost lost! NSYNC was saved by a game-winning layup by Quang Pham with 0.9 seconds left. Not sure if they came into the game too lax or just too confident, but either way it almost cost them. With the victory, NSYNC has locked down the #1 overall seed for the playoffs and No Strings Attached.

Last Game: def. Hanson (62-60) Next Game: vs. 98 Degrees (4-2)

2. Backstreet Boys (4-2): Last Week: #2
Never would I have thought to say this season, that Backstreet Boys are on a 2-game losing streak with another tough loss…this time to 98 Degrees. Without Matt Cleveland, who missed the game due to an undisclosed reason, the team struggled to find their consistency. We did get to see Jason Birkett step up, but it wasn’t enough. Backstreet Boys are definitely Incomplete without their MVP-candidate Matt Cleveland…

Last Game: lost to 98 Degrees (56-60) Next Game: vs. Hanson (2-4)

3. 98 Degrees (4-2): Last Week: #5
Good win versus a good team, finally! The knock on you guys all season was that you couldn’t win against the better teams in this league. Although you have 4 wins, only 1.5 of those are quality wins. We all know what Eric Nelson can do, but this team will only go as far as Buddy Alo takes them. He can score, facilitate, but more importantly he creates for everyone else. Because of You, Buddy, 98 Degrees may have a really good chance against NSYNC.

Last Game: def. Backstreet Boys (60-56) Next Game: vs. NSYNC (6-0)

4. OTown (3-3): Last Week: #3
Certainly didn’t expect them to lose this past weekend as they have been on a nice little streak. Not only it was momentum-killer, but it was a terrible lost to a terrible team. You’re in trouble if David Williams is scoring more than 20pts in a game against you because that’s not his game. OTown’s shoddy defense was similar to how they were beginning of the season, when they weren’t good. Another loss like this will certainly Skydive them down the rankings quickly.

Last Game: lost to NKOTB (50-65) Next Game: vs. One Direction (0-6)

5. Jonas Brothers (3-3): Last Week: #4
Easy victory for them to get back on track and gain back some momentum. Joel Beebe had a strong return to the lineup with 20pts in the win. Brandon Baroody also looked good with 19pts and 14rebs, in the absence of Paul Sumulong and Collin OuterBridge. Big question for week 7: will Outerbridge play? He will have to if he wants to qualify for playoffs. Otherwise, Jonas Brothers will be a little Paranoid going into the playoffs without one of their top players.

Last Game: def. One Direction (69-54) Next Game: NKOTB (2-4)

6. Hanson (2-4): Last Week: #5
Man what a tough loss! I was definitely rooting for the upset, which looked like it was going to happen for most of the 2nd half. Luis Duque stepped up, as I have been saying he should, and had 27pts and 10rebs. NSYNC had no answer for him as he was scoring at will. My boy, James Harden Jr., is having a terrible 2nd half slump. After averaging over 35pts a game for a period of time, he’s only managed an average of 14pts in his last 2 games. Where’s the love, man!?

Last Game: lost to NSYNC (62-60) Next Game: Backstreet Boys (4-2)

7. NKOTB (2-4): Last Week: #7
EJ Lambo has played the last 2 games, and guess what? They have won both games…Of course, it wasn’t just EJ, but a huge game from David Williams with 23pts and Jonathan Padriga with 19pts. I’m not completely sold yet, especially with the late chemistry and development of this team. With that being said and another win, there’s a possibility that NKOTB can finish the regular season as high as #4. Heard Padriga say to Lambo, “All is good again, Since You Walked Into My Life.” Cute…

Last Game: def. OTown (65-50) Next Game: Jonas Brothers (3-3)

8. One Direction (0-6): Last Week: #8
At this point, I would like to say this team is tanking for better reasons, but why lol? There are no benefits to tanking in this league. The roster on this team has literally given up as they struggled in the past few weeks to have enough players. Juan Martinez and Tony Sphabmixay will need to play the regular season finale, if they want to be eligible for playoffs. Where Do Broken Hearts Go because this team is broken and need some healing? Just 1 game guys…

Last Game: lost to Jonas Brothers (69-54) Next Game: OTown (3-3)

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