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Week 7 Predictions 2/21/15
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Subject: Week 7 Predictions 2/21/15
Posted by: FBDL Insider of fbl-orlando.com
Week 7 FBDL Predictions

13-7 with my picks after week 6 with one more week left in the regular season. Been a good season so far (except for you know who…) and hopefully it carries over to the playoffs. Time to lock down seedings!!

5pm Court 1: #7 NKOTB vs #5 Jonas Brothers
NKOTB is coming off a big win and has extended their win streak to 2. His stats might not show it, but the addition of EJ Lambo to the lineup has opened it up more for his teammates. Jonas Brothers look like they’re back on track, but who wouldn’t be after playing against One Direction. It should be interesting how Jonas Brothers will plan for this game, since this isn’t the same NKOTB that we saw for the first 5 weeks of the season. An interesting storyline will be if Collin Outerbridge play because he won’t qualify for playoffs if he doesn’t.

Prediction: Jonas Brothers by 4

5pm Court 2: #4 OTown vs #8 One Direction
What happened OTown? Got a little too confident and got blown out by the 2nd worst team in the league. Offense seemed fine, it was just the defense and effort that were lacking. OTown will have to change that if they want to go far in the playoffs. As for One Direction, I’m kind of rooting for y’all to get 1 win, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

Prediction: OTown by 9

6pm Court 1: #6 Hanson vs #2 Backstreet Boys
Both teams are streaking downward right now as both teams are on a 2-game losing streak. Backstreet Boys have somewhat of an excuse, losing last game without Matt Cleveland. Joe Roy is back to being basic, but Luis Duque is playing at the high level like we know he could. Who’s going to bounce back from their tough loss last week?

Prediction: Backstreet Boys by 7

6pm Court 2: #3 98 Degrees vs #1 NSYNC (Game of the Week)
98 Degrees are peaking at the right time as we are close to playoff time. Eric Nelson is playing solid basketball and the team is actually taking care of the ball. NSYNC is coming off a survival game after beating Hanson in the final seconds. This should be a good game to watch as MVP candidates Eric Nelson and Quang Pham battle once again. Can NSYNC stay undefeated going into the playoffs??
Prediction: NSYNC by 5

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