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Week 7 FBDL Power Rankings
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Subject: Week 7 FBDL Power Rankings
Posted by: FBDL Insider of fbl-orlando.com
FBDL Power Rankings: Week 7
Regular season is wrapped up and it’s time to get ready for March Madness! Before then, here are the last power rankings of the regular season. As it has been all season, my rankings don’t reflect the standings. It’s just how I feel at the moment ;).

1. NSYNC (7-0): Last Week: #1
Undefeated and unscathed throughout the regular season! Definitely a really good accomplishment considering their lack of size and chemistry coming into the season. This team has played well together all season, with each player scoring at least a point in every single game. Let’s see if this momentum carries over into the playoffs as this team is expected to be in the finals, if not win it all. Anything less, would be uncivilized. Chip Hoch…I’m Thinking of You!

Last Game: def. 98 Degrees (66-37) Next Game: vs. One Direction (0-7)

2. OTown (4-3): Last Week: #4
OTown finishes the regular in the #2 spot. With all the ups and downs around them, I think this team has the most potential to make it into the finals. With the playoff structure, they have the young talent that can play through and stay tough with the top teams. They have the hunger and swagger that you want to see in a team going into the playoffs. Tough 1st round game against an inconsistent Jonas Brothers, but like I said at the beginning of the season, it’s All or Nothing time…

Last Game: def. One Direction (63-52) Next Game: vs. Jonas Brothers (3-4)

3. 98 Degrees (4-3): Last Week: #3
This boy band got their butts whooped against NSYNC and looked like they enjoyed it. Not a good way to end the season and prepare for the post season. I mean, you guys did finish in the same spot where I put you at the very beginning of the season. Armel Mosqueda has been a big addition, but you will need consistent performances from Eric Nelson and Buddy Alo if you want to make it into the finals. Will you guys heat up at the right time, 98 Degrees and Rising? Or will y’all be chillin’ out in the cold ass gym?

Last Game: lost to NSYNC (37-66) Next Game: vs. Hanson (3-4)

4. Backstreet Boys (4-3): Last Week: #2

If you want to talk about surprises this season, this team is certainly up there. Starting out red hot winning 4 in a row, looking like a lock as a finals team…then kind of like they’re singing careers, they have disappeared in the last 3 games. Grant it, they have been without key players in those games, but that’s no excuse. I’m not ready for you guys to Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely yet because I still have hope!!!

Last Game: lost to Hanson (66-68) Next Game: vs. NKOTB (3-4)

5. Hanson (3-4): Last Week: #6
Lost by a layup one week, and then win by a layup the next courtesy of Luis Duque who had 30pts. Inconsistency has kept the team in the lower part of the rankings for most of the season. Similar to NKOTB, this team can scare some teams in the playoffs. Now the big question is can they win when they need it. They will definitely need Luis and Joe Roy to put up points, but James Harden Jr. has to make sure he doesn’t get into the Me, Myself and I phase. He has to do more for the team, then bring his beard to the game.

Last Game: def. Backstreet Boys (68-66) Next Game: 98 Degrees (4-3)

6. NKOTB (3-4): Last Week: #7
Behind NSYNC, NKOTB is probably the hottest team…on and off the court (wink wink David Williams). With the addition of EJ Lambo, this team is rolling into the playoffs feeling confident and has re-energized David Williams like Viagra. The Trio of Williams, Lambo and Padriga are giving defenses some fits, and it was evident once again in an OT victory against Jonas Brothers. If everyone shows up for the playoffs, they may surprise some people. Y’all got the Right Stuff, Baby!

Last Game: def. Jonas Brothers (74-71) Next Game: Backstreet Boys (4-3)

7. Jonas Brothers (3-4): Last Week: #5
I had high hopes for this team at the beginning of the year and pretty much throughout the season, but they have disappointing. With the likes of Paul Sumulong, Brandon Baroody and Collin Outerbridge on one team, you would think this team would at least have a winning record. I understand that injuries happen and players miss game, so chemistry will be an issue. Plus you can’t have Outerbridge arriving to the game halfway through, especially come playoff time. You guys are Much Better than what your record shows.

Last Game: lost to NKOTB (71-74) Next Game: OTown (4-3)

8. One Direction (0-7): Last Week: #8
All I can do is shake my head and apologize to Quay Hu. Dude, you’re playing your butt off and it’s not going unnoticed. Another bright spot is Chris Oniki, who came out of nowhere with 22pts last game. It surprised the hell out of me, unless his team has been holding him back all season. He better go Keyshawn Johnson and tell his team to “Give me the damn ball!” It does look like he has the Joe Roy syndrome of not doing much besides scoring last game, although the 4 steals are nice. Based on the last game Oniki…you’re the real MVP!

Last Game: lost to OTown (52-63) Next Game: NSYNC (7-0)

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