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Week 1 FBDL Power Rankings Season 2
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Subject: Week 1 FBDL Power Rankings Season 2
Posted by: FBDL Insider of fbl-orlando.com
FBDL Power Rankings: Week 1

New season, some new players and new team names…all within a 1-week break! It’s definitely great to see the growth of FBDL and let’s hope the excitement continues. Also big congrats to Backstreet Boys, led by Mitch Urian and Matt Cleveland, for winning last season’s championship. They were the #1 team for most of last season, so it’s well deserved!

1. Captain Planet (1-0):
Captain Planet more like Captain Sam. Heard Sam Pierre went recruiting in the short 1-week offseason and brought in some top talent. It also looks like Sam is out to prove that he should be this season’s MVP, pouring in 27pts, 9rebs, 7asts and 7stls! Newcomer Kelvin Diaz definitely brings athleticism and scoring ability to the team as well.

Last Game: def. Transformers (74-61) Next Game: vs. Voltron (1-0)

2. Looney Tunes (1-0):
This team was created straight out of the Acme, led by the wackiest of them all…Chip Hoch and Luis Duque aka the Splash Brothers. This group has an interesting mix of veteran and up and coming FBL players, which includes a good mix of inside and outside scoring. The team will go as far as Luis takes them, who can score at will.

Last Game: def. Smurfs (73-44) Next Game: vs. GI Joey DWow (1-0)

3. GI Joey DWow(1-0):
Looks like Commissioner Romeo and last season’s MVP Quang Pham have joined forces once again in hopes to revenge NSYNC’s loss to Backstreet Boys in the championship, where Quang failed to show up (literally…he was not present lol). This season they are joined by Jonas Brother’s Brandon Baroody to form a very strong defensive team. Biggest surprise is the addition of Rap Francisco, who left the scorer’s table as a statistician to drop 25pts!

Last Game: def. Duck Tales (79-57) Next Game: vs. Looney Tunes (1-0)

4. Voltron (1-0):
This team might be the sleeper of the league this season. They may not seem a strong team on paper, but wait till you see them on the court. Voltron is led by FBL vets EJ Lambo and David with the addition of last season’s breakout player John Hwangbo. Alongside them, they also have the Roux family in the mix. This team will hustle and physically pound you on both ends, but consistent scoring may present a problem. Definitely a team to watch as the season progresses.

Last Game: def. Simspons (60-52) Next Game: vs. Transformers (0-1)

5. Duck Tales (0-1):
On paper, this team has the potential. Duck Tales is led by last season’s All FBDL selection Eric Nelson. Missing from last game would be his frontcourt mate in Quay Hu. If they can play together, they should be able to out-rebound every team they play this season…that’s if they show up. Coming from defunct ABL, Charlie Heo and his youngest brother Jon have taken their talents to the Flip Side (get it?). Can Eric and Charlie co-exist? Will Quay show up? And can Jon consistently shoot like he did in the 1st game?

Last Game: lost to GI Joey DWow (57-79) Next Game: Smurfs (0-1)

6. Simpsons (0-1):
My boy! No, not Bart Simpson…Joe Roy! Aka James Harden Jr aka #GetBuckets! He is still doing what he does best…putting the ball into the hoop. This season he should have more help and more reasons for him not to do anything but score. Matt Cleveland and Duane, both not available last game, are set to team up with Joe as a formidable Big 3. I’m not too sure what everyone is going to do, those 3 can definitely carry this team. Just like any other season, chemistry will be the biggest challenge.

Last Game: loss to Voltron (52-60) Next Game: Transformers (0-1)

7. Transformers (0-1):
Old school cartoon, old school team. This team is comprised of mostly 15 yr FBL vets that are looking to get their groove back. Transformers are led by Mitch Urian, who is coming off a 2 championship season in both FBDL and Open divisions. It’s been awhile since some of these have played with one another or even played basketball, so we not see their full potential until the 2nd half of the season.

Last Game: loss to Captain Planet (61-74) Next Game: Simpsons (0-1)

8. Smurfs (0-1):
Smurfs is an appropriate name for this team as there are a lot of them and they’re running around in chaos. Led by Papa Smurf Paul Sumulong, this team may be in for a long season. He will have help from Chad Del Rosario, but the Smurfs will need the entire colony to step in a big way. And also what’s new? Collin Outerbridge missing in action again…smh

Last Game: loss to Looney Tunes (44-73) Next Game: Duck Tales (0-1)

I would like to see some comments, so I wanna see some participation in this season's forum. You all have a lot to say on the court, how about you express some of that here. As always, feel free to comment but remember to keep it clean!  
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